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GRANT /Kunsthal 44 Møen | Curator in Residence Program

The GRANT cannot be sought for 2021

 An opportunity for young international curators to participate in the development of exhibition projects. Kunsthal 44 Møen invites, from May 1st to September 31 2017, a young curator / curator student to be a part of the daily life at Kunsthal 44 Møen. The aim of the programme is to provide young curators with practical skills like exhibition planning and realization, planning and managing events, work with the relation to the press to disseminate the knowledge about the exhibitions, work with and develop the national and international network of 44 Møen -be in the exhibition on daily basis and have an open dialogue with the guests. The Grant gives the possibility to develop an exhibition concept one of the following years, in the light of the practical knowledge the stay has gained. In development of the concept you will continuously have the possibility to discuss the ideas with René Block, artistic leader of Kunsthal 44 Møen.

About us
Kunsthal 44 Møen is an international contemporary exhibition site, in the country, in Southern Denmark. Open from May to September. Since the first exhibition, Imagine Mønhattan (2008), the program has alternated between contemporary art and recent avant-garde including FLUXUS and conceptual art. For former exhibition program: The profile emerges clearly in the program.

Kunsthal 44 Møen is based on a long-standing collaboration between Møn based artists such as Bjørn Nørgaard, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, the deceased composer and FLUXUS -artist Henning Christiansen and international actors connected with the FLUXUS-movement, together with the German curator and art-collector René Block. On their initiative Kunstforeningen 44 Møen was founded in 2007, as well as Kunsthal 44 Møen.

The Grant
The Grant is given for a 5 month period, starting May 1st to Oktober 1st every year. The Grant is of € 6500 combined with the residency programme. Futher more The Grant cover the cost of travel to and from Møn and studio accommodation. A small public event (e.g. workshop, lecture, open meeting) will also be organized during the residency.

Application should be sent by November 20th for qualify for review at the jury at the following meeting (Applications for a grant in 2017 or 2018, are accepted throughout the year)

· an appropriate degree from an academy or university (or artistic qualification that may be considered equivalent);
· knowledge of contemporary art as well as the history of exhibitions;
· proof of curatorial as well as pedagogic and didactic qualities and experience
· reading knowledge of one European language, beside English. Application should include
· presentation materials of the applicant's previous projects · resume or curriculum vitae
· letter of interest, outlining your specific interest in working at Kunsthal 44 Møen and how a residency will affect your practice.
· list of two references, including names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
· proposal for a public event to be organized during the residency

Application should be sent by email. Please note that all electronic material should be compatible with PC computers and readable by common office software. All application material send to us will be handled strictly confidential. Application material is not returned. Kunsthal 44 Møen will reply in the middle of December.

For further information, please contact: Christina Louise Jørgensen Kunsthal 44 Møen e-mail: T: 0045 2392 7119

Applications should be addressed to:

Kunsthal 44 Møen
Fanefjordgade 44
4792 Askeby

Curator in residens 2017: Callum Ross (AUS)
Curator in residens 2016: Kristine Nørgaard Andersen (DK)
Curator in residens 2015: Eva Scharrer (D)
Curator in residens 2013: Nico Anklam (D)
Curator in residens 2012: Chiara Giovando (US)